2020 2nd Annual WIKF Quebec Seminar, July 4th

On Saturday July 4, 2020, took place the 2nd annual WIKF QUEBEC SEMINAR in Montreal, in a virtual setting with sensei Michael Ham. It was a different event considering the pandemic situation via ZOOM but very interesting.

We were able to bring together the practitioners of Western Canada of which I particularly want a thank Keith Nakashima (British Colombia) getting up so early to train. I also want to thank all the practitioners in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

We worked for 2 hours targeting:

  • Kushanku Kata
  • Ohyo kumite # 6
  • Kihon kumite # 3
  • Tachi dori # 4
  • Renrekuwaza # 1

Thank you again to Sensei Ham for his presentation and to the pleasure of seeing everybody again in the 3rd edition next year at the same period hopping in the best condition.

Andi Andria,
WIKF Yondan
Club Karate Wado Quebec (WIKF)
Montreal, PQ