2020 WIKF Canada Online Training Seminar June 27th

On Saturday, June 20th, 2020 WIKF Canada held its first online, country wide training seminar, hosted by Sensei Dan Wallis 7th Dan and Sensei Michael Ham 6th Dan. The seminar was achieved through the use of the Zoom online platform in an attempt to bring our WIKF Canada family closer together as well as to abide by the Covid-19 protocols put in place by our provincial and national governments.

After only a few minor glitches, training began at approximately 12 PM EST, with 27 participants (3rd Kyu and above), from across Canada. Sensei Wallis started us off taking us through a breakdown of Sanbon Kumite Maigeri Uke #1, Ohyo Kumite #1 and Kihon Kumite #4. After practicing each techinique and receiving constructive criticism from Sensei Wallis, we moved on to Tanto dori #4, which was a bit difficult without having a partner to defend against, but each move was broken down in such a way that it was clear what the intended movements were and how they applied to the overall technique.

Next, due to time restraints, Sensei Wallis took us through the first half of Kata Niseishi, again explaining the intricacies of each movement and how to refine our kata performance.

After a short break, Sensei Ham took over and continued walking us through the second half of Niseishi, taking the time to explain each movement in a way that everyone could understand and apply. After some, much needed practice, we moved on to Idori #4, which also was difficult to do without a partner, but the basic movements were explained well and it was certainly good for everyone to be exposed to techniques that we perhaps do not get to practice regularly. Sensei Ham finished us off with Tachi dori #1, first showing us basic sword handling and striking, then moving on to the defensive movements. I hope I didn’t miss anything (I’m not young anymore).

The seminar concluded at approximately 2:30 PM EST

Overall, I think/hope that I can speak for everyone who attended, in saying that the first online training session for WIKF Canada, went extremely well and hope that we can do many more in the future. It was great to see karatekas from across our great country, come together for a common goal and I hope I can get to see you all again someday.

Thank you very much Sensei Wallis and Sensei Ham for your valuable instruction and thank you all for the invitation to this incredible event.



Keith Nakashima

WIKF Sandan

Nechako Karate Club

Prince George, B.C.