2019 Annual WIKF Quebec Seminar, July 5th and 6th

July 5th and 6th 2019 marked the first Annual WIKF Quebec Seminar.  WIKF students from Montreal, Toronto and Halifax, as well as a guest from the Shintani group of Montreal, met in Beautiful Montreal to learn WIKF techniques and curriculum from Canadian Technical Committee Member and WIKF 6th Dan, Michael Ham.

Training began 6pm Friday eveningat the Club Wado Quebec Dojo of Sensei Andy Andria 4th Dan WIKF. The new Black Belt curriculum being the primary focus.  After basics to warm up we started right into Renrakuwaza 1.  Remembering to always move forward on each movement.  Sanbon Kumite followed with Tsuki Jodan 1 and 4 and Geri 2 and 6. Always under Sensei Ham’s watchful eye.  Correcting to ensure the best Wado technique.  Ohyo and Kihon Kumite were to follow. Always remembering the principles of minimal power, technique and movement.  Tanto Dori 2 finished the first 3.5 hour session.

Day 2 began at 9am with Renrakuwaza 2 and 3 to warm up and stretch out sore muscles.   Kihon Kumite 8, 4 and 5 were next.  The importance of Tate Seisan Dachi is stressed so much in the subtle movements of Wado Ryu.  Tanto Dori 4 and 5 and Tachi Dori 2 and 4 came soon after.  Nuances again of subtle movements and foot placements are stressed.  Great training as Sensei Ham and the higher Dan grades helped the lower ranks to better understand the knife and sword defenses.

Jion Kata, Seishan Kata, Kushanku Kata and Bassai kata were the final pieces of the curriculum to be covered.  With time getting short and creeping up on another 3.5 hour session Sensei Ham managed to still go through each Kata individually.   Sharon Phillips of Hamilton and Ashley Yvonne of Halifax performed Kata for the group as they both prepare for the upcoming WIKF Global Championships in the UK.  Thank you so much for that ladies.

When all of the training was done and pictures were taken,  we were all off to a delightful Japanese Restaurant chosen by Sensei Andria.   Lots of food, a few drinks and plenty of time to enjoy our time with our friends new and old. 

A huge thank you to Sensei Andria and Club Wado Quebec for hosting this great event.   I am sure all that were in attendance were exceptionally grateful to Sensei Ham for his wonderful instruction.  An incredible job to cover so much material in only 7 hours. And to do it in such a way that the participants feel as though nothing was missed.  Thank you so much Sensei Ham.

Because this was the first annual WIKF Quebec Seminar, I think I speak for everyone  when I say that we are all looking forward to seeing and training with our WIKF Family again next year.

( submitted by Kevin Seyffert, WIKF Canada President and Sensei at East Coast Wado )

2019 Montreal Summer training group photo